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I have been a avid skull candy user, the warranty is so convent Manufactures defect 100% replacement with return of defect.Aggressive listening discount 50% of product value coupon on the skull candy website with return of defect COOL who else does this?

I usually went for their value products such as the Ink'd buds since I was happy with them then over time I upgraded to the 50/50 with the play/pause/volume control. I used the warranty numerous times both the aggressive listening and manufactures defect warranty claims. In my case the warranty is even more convent since skull candy is local I can drop them off vs shipping costs however, this last time I had 3 warranty claims 2 of their value products (Ink'd) and their flagship product (Heavy Medals) I printed all the return slips placed all 3 defective/damaged products in 1 ziplock bag I drop them off and usually a few hours later i get a email with the discount codes to order more. I receive 2 emails with 2 codes from the Ink'd buds and i wait a day still no 3rd email for the heavy medals so finally i contact customer service via email.

I informed them i hand delivered these to the facility and they ask me for a tracking number... we email back and forth several times they finally understand there's no tracking number and they basically tell me there's nothing else they can do because there's no proof I dropped them off. And I wonder to my self... How could they have lost 1 pair of headphones when all 3 of them were contained with in one ziplock bag?

and is it a coincidence that it happened to be their flagship product valued $80 that was lost instead of the other ones at the lesser value $15?anyway I think them for their great warranty service while it lasted but I'll be finding another brand.

Review about: Heavy Medal.

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